Raise the Standards of your Business

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With many public sector bodies outsourcing to the private sector, now is the time to align your company to the principles of ISO9001, 14001 and/or 18001. There is a strong alignment of achieving accredited standards and building business growth. B.S.I. accredit these standards, is entirely independent and as such does not provide a consultancy service.

In order to respond to client requests for support, prior to accreditation, B.S.I. is able to direct clients to consultants that have a strong track record, ethical behaviours and a set of testimonials.

Following a rigorous examination of his capabilities, Michael Collier (kbc-ltd.co.uk) is proud to have been accepted as a member of the Associate Consultant Programme for B.S.I.

As well as demonstrating our capabilities in the field of Quality Management Systems, to ISO 9001:2008 standard, Michael is one of a few consultants who has significant strength in Safety Management to OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard and Environmental Management to ISO 14001:, all systems are available as stand-alone or integrated management systems.

If you are thinking about raising the standards in your business, give us a call and we will offer DBC members a free, 2 hour consultation along with discounted consultancy days. NEBSL funding may be available to support your business.