Double whammy achievement for KBC limited in partnership with Howarth Litchfield Partnership

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KBC limited are delighted to announce two great achievements in partnership with Howarth Lichfield Partnership (HLP). KBC have been working with HLP over a period of time implementing a management system to meet the strict criteria set out in ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety).

Howarth Litchfield is one of the largest architectural and interior design practices firm in the region with unparalleled reputation for professionalism, embedding cost effectiveness, whole life costing, sustainability and functionality into their flexible designs.  The Practice has bases in Durham and London.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) have assessed HLP over a 5 day period in both safety and environmental performance and recommended them for registration to both standards.

This is a fantastic achievement and is just recognition for all of the hard work that has been undertaken to achieve the recommendation for registration.

The KBC and HLP partnership have achieved this in the context of increasingly stringent legislation, with the development of a safety and environmental policy and procedures along with other measures that foster environmental and safety protection.

Following the BSI assessment Jonathan Yates, Managing Director for HLP said

“That is great news and we really appreciate all your expertise and assistance. We couldn’t have done it without you”.

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